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Mateusz Drankowski

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Who I am

Born in Poland and having lived in the UK for the past 5 years I am fluent in both English and Polish. I have basic understanding of German. In my spare time I enjoy working on programming and systems projects and have a love of traveling, motorcycles and cars. I recently completed a motorcycle adventure trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

  • Based in
    Frome, UK
  • Age
  • Working at


  • 08/2017--present

    Platform Technical Lead at Blubolt

    • orchestrating major technical decisions to reach the business objectives faster
    • delivery of major technical milestones (e.g. implementing new frameworks)
    • ownership of the overall technical strategy for improving the platform
    • managing the team, optimising and maximising productivity
    • evangelising the platform and nurturing a great working environment
    • keeping a keen eye on the future, whilst pragmatically tackling technical debt
    • Improving devops practises / culture within the company
  • 12/2016--08/2017

    DevOps Engineer at Blubolt

    • Design, build and deploy Continuous Integration tools to help empower the development team
    • Build, release and configuration management of production systems
    • System troubleshooting and problem solving across platforms
    • Participate in systems support rota
    • Improving devops practises / culture within the company
  • 02/2016--12/2016

    Systems Engineer at Blubolt

    • staging / production server infrastructure on AWS
    • production infrastructure on local servers (mostly KVM)
    • improving production team performance (better tools)
    • reducing technical debt
    • working closely with management, support, production
    • Participating in systems support rota
  • 12/2013--04/2016

    Lead Developer of at Blubolt

    • lead developer on big-data project
    • technical decisions and direction of growth
    • multi-region AWS servers infrastructure
    • close cooperation with BOMcheck directors and clients
  • 05/2012--12/2013

    Web developer at Blubolt

    • developing numerous payment, warehouse and shipping integrations with most well known providers in UK
    • maintaining and refactoring the code
    • working of core platform improvements
    • developing cutting edge bespoke features in PHP, Javascript and Flex
    • working closely with other programmers, designers and account managers
    • providing both internal and external technical support
    • technical contact with clients
  • 2009--2012


    Owner of two succesful e-commerce shops selling organic products.
    Sold due to moving to UK.

Coding Skills

  • 80%

    AWS cloud

  • 60%


  • 60%

    Webservers (Apache / Nginx)

  • 70%

    Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash)

  • 90%


  • 80%


  • 75%

    Javascript (Mootools / JQuery)

  • 60%


  • 60%


  • 60%

    NoSQL (DynamoDB)

  • 50%

    Caching (memcached)

  • 40%

    Zend Framework 2

  • 30%

    Bash scripting

  • 40%



It's not all about pure technical skills.
Soft ones as well as appropriate work ethic are essential to be a part of a team.
To finish projects succesfully.
To bring more income to the company.

  • Reliability

  • Resistance to stress and pressure

  • Ambitions

  • High work ethic

  • Multi-tasking

  • Grasping new things quickly

Programming Skills

  • Learning
    Not Bad
  • AWS cloud
  • Continuous integration / delivery
  • Config management tools (chef)
  • PCI Compliance
  • Web development

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