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An experienced software developer and DevOps engineer with a wealth of leadership and entrepreneurial experience looking for an environment where making an impact is nothing exceptional but a daily occurence.

Born in Poland and having lived in the UK for the past 5 years I am fluent in both English and Polish. In my spare time I enjoy working on programming and systems projects and have a love of traveling, motorcycles and cars. I recently completed a motorcycle adventure trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

  • Based in
    Bristol, UK
  • Age
  • Working at


  • 04/2018--present

    Head of Platform at blubolt

    As a key leadership role, I was responsible for overseeing and executing the company’s product and development strategy, and ensuring its evolution is fully aligned with the company’s core objectives. I ensured the company delivers a high quality, and stable product for our customers, and makes life easier for the internal development team.

    • to develop and deliver upon the measurable outcomes on a clear public-facing and internal-facing product roadmap
    • to be able to justify any platform updates with a the relevant research and development, providing true ROI on all developments
    • to work closely with the commercial team to ensure product development aligns with business priorities.
    • to develop a clear developer career progression initiative, such that developers are clear on how their role and responsibilities evolve whilst at blubolt
    • to develop process initiatives that allow the development team to work as efficiently as possible. This means identifying current bottlenecks and issues, as well as new opportunities that will result in a greater efficiency and quality.
    • to oversee, mentor, and develop the development team to always understand their purpose, and how it fits into the wider company vision
    • to identify strengths (and weaknesses) within the team, and ensure developers receive necessary attention and encouragement to do their job well
    • to continually share the company vision and mission, and ensure all team members are on board with the direction and steps to get there
    • to always communicate clearly and updates or changes to the product roadmap to the wider team, to ensure all stakeholders have visibility in the product progress.
    • to be the principal contact to senior management for major platform incidents that are causing widespread business disruption (internal and external)
  • 07/2016--present

    Founder at Perun ltd

    • as founder of a technology consultancy I am responsible for advising clients on their infrastructure and technical products
    • development / architecture of the ERP system based on ZF2 allowed a client to speed up their workflow
    • architecture of AWS infrastructure significantly reduced maintenance costs and scalability of a client servicing energy companies worldwide
  • 08/2017--04/2018

    Platform Technical Lead at blubolt

    As a key role, I was accountable for ensuring team members within my team well-supported, well-educated, “de-hassled”, and deliver a consistent and high quality of output. The role was about providing technical assurance, guidance, and confidence to a growing Platform Team, and ultimately ensure they meet on delivering the company’s strategy of providing a leading eCommerce solution that helps retailers trade better.

    • orchestrating major technical decisions to reach the business objectives faster
    • delivery of major technical milestones (e.g. implementing new frameworks)
    • ownership of the overall technical strategy for improving the platform
    • managing the team, optimising and maximising productivity
    • evangelising the platform and nurturing a great working environment
    • keeping a keen eye on the future, whilst pragmatically tackling technical debt
    • Improving devops practises / culture within the company
  • 12/2016--08/2017

    DevOps Engineer at blubolt

    Introducing DevOps practices to our company with an intention to break silos, automate what can be automated, support developers to take holistic approach to problems, teach them how to measure outcome and tackle challenges in most effective way. All to deliver the best eCommerce solution on the market. Managing the stability, security, and availability of the platform and the company’s internal systems, whilst driving initiatives that deliver on meeting the company’s strategy of providing a leading eCommerce solution that helps retailers trade better.

    • Design, build and deploy Continuous Integration tools to help empower the development team
    • Build, release and configuration management of production systems
    • System troubleshooting and problem solving across platforms
    • Participate in systems support rota (including out of hours)
    • Improving devops practises / culture within the company
  • 02/2016--12/2016

    Systems Engineer at blubolt

    • staging / production server infrastructure on AWS
    • production infrastructure on local servers (mostly KVM)
    • improving production team performance (better tools)
    • reducing technical debt
    • working closely with management, support, production
    • Participating in systems support rota
  • 12/2013--04/2016

    Lead Developer of at blubolt

    • lead developer on big-data project
    • technical decisions and direction of growth
    • multi-region AWS servers infrastructure
    • close cooperation with BOMcheck directors and clients
  • 05/2012--12/2013

    Web developer at blubolt

    • developing numerous payment, warehouse and shipping integrations with most well known providers in UK
    • maintaining and refactoring the code
    • working of core platform improvements
    • developing cutting edge bespoke features in PHP, Javascript and Flex
    • working closely with other programmers, designers and account managers
    • providing both internal and external technical support
    • technical contact with clients
  • 2009--2012


    • Founding a successful ecommerce business selling organic goods gave me a strong foundation practical online operations.
    • A high street retail presence with wholesale distribution improved my business acumen and communication skills.

Some of my skills

  • 80%

    AWS cloud

  • 60%


  • 60%

    Webservers (Apache / Nginx)

  • 70%

    Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash)

  • 60%

    CI / CD (Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCI)

  • 50%

    Monitoring (Nagios, Prometheus, DataDog, Uptrends)

  • 90%


  • 80%


  • 75%

    Javascript (Mootools / JQuery)

  • 60%


  • 60%


  • 60%

    NoSQL (DynamoDB)

  • 50%

    Caching (memcached)

  • 40%

    Zend Framework 2

  • 30%

    Bash scripting

  • 40%



It's not all about pure technical skills.
Soft ones as well as appropriate work ethic are essential to be a part of a team.
To finish projects succesfully.
To bring more income to the company.

  • Reliability

  • Resistance to stress and pressure

  • Ambitions

  • High work ethic

  • Multi-tasking

  • Grasping new things quickly

Another view on my skills

  • Learning
    Not Bad
  • AWS cloud
  • Continuous integration / delivery
  • Config management tools (Chef)
  • PCI Compliance
  • Web development

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